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Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Patrick...

I don't know what's wrong with the haze today. It just got more and more hazzy. I closed all the doors and windows but I still smell smoke. Euw.. Made me feel like getting sick only. Dang! And the weather forecast said it'll rain today. Learnt my lesson: Never ever trust that weather forecast.

Spent my day fixing my blog; need to make it more reader friendly. Then, packed my bro's room (because he's bringing his girlfriend home this Friday) and my own room. It was just then I suddenly gave a thought on my birthday presents I received last year. Few months before my birthday in 2005, I gave a shoutout in my Friendster:

"I want a Patrick for my birthday this year!!!"

*with a picture of sis's Patrick as my primary photo*

Not to say that I couldn't afford to get one but it's really really nice to have a Patrick from someone; well, at least any of my friends. My dream came true when a friend, William, came to my working place and pass me the Patrick I wanted on my birthday. After 10 months, my fraternal brother finally managed to pass me a Patrick he bought.

It sure did make me feel good and thankful for getting what I had wanted. Perhaps, I should make another shoutout this year.

Hey, I am just making my friends' life easier; I wouldn't want them to crack their brain just to think about my birthday present. LOL.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

20 Minutes Birthday Dinner.

So, the adults were saying that they're gonna organise a birthday dinner for my grandpa and of ALL days, they actually wanted it to be on Monday, 7:00pm. Malaysian time: 7:30pm

Me: WHAT?! I have class on Monday night.
Mum: Take your dinner then off to your class.
Me: This is soooo unfair!!!

I know I shouldn't have kicked up such a fuss about it but I rather not attend that dinner than leave in the middle of it. The feeling is just so not right. But I knew, I have to go, no matter what. There's no way I can escape from it but, well, unless something bad happen to me. Touchwood.

Eventually I got my mum talked me into attending that dinner willingly. I gave in. Honestly, I hated the idea of going out when I don't feel right. I had trouble looking for the right attire. I some sort like having bad hair day and the list goes on. ARGH!! Food was only served at about 7:40pm and I didn't get to eat much because I was paranoid about getting late to class. I wasn't late anyway. ;)

First thing my student said when she saw me was:-
"Teacher, why your earring so big one?!"

-S W E A T-

Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm back...! For good perhaps... I'm learning to enjoy the freedom of blogging. You got it right! FREEDOM...
I can blog whatever I want coz THIS IS MY BLOG! =)

I guess I go cuckooed already. Finally Streamyx is up around my area! Woohooo! Long live broadband!

Loads of email to reply. Loads of messages to reply. Loads of sorry to type. My life is so plugged in with Internet that I'll die of not being able to go online. This is REALLY bad. Sometimes, I made my mum wonders what is so nice about being online. Guess she won't understand afterall.

One thing that really made me happy was, I caught my eldest sis reading my blog the other day. G-O-T-C-H-A!

Hang out with Leng and May in Starbucks. The three of us finally got the chance to meet up after soooo long!! And this time, Leng is with her short hair while May is with her rebonded hair.
Me?? Still the same with bigger fishballs on my cheeks...

the short hair, the big fishball, and the rebonded hair

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Im Sorry...

...that I haven't been updating my blog since weeks ago due to bad broadband connection around my housing area. Loads happened: tears, smiles, meaningful conversations, being apart with someone, meeting new people =)

Will update very soon.

*Better post this up before I get disconnect from streamyx again. Crazy connection... ARGH!!!!!!!*

Monday, September 25, 2006

I haven't been......

Tien, Leng and I

.......staying up late till 7am since God-know-when. Just did yesterday coz was rushing to get the database work done. Alright, I admit. I have always been a person who tend to do last minute work. I actually went out on Saturday night even though I had yet completed my work. I know it's terrible. But girl's outing is simply irresistible.
Leng, Tien and I went to this Halo Cafe in Ipoh East. Just right beside Oldtown Kopitiam. It didn't occur to me that there's one outlet in Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur, until I saw the chinese name of that shop. Yes, I know how to read Mandarin....

*hai luo*
Told you I know Mandarin!

Halo Cafe is specialised in Artist Training, such as providing professional training to cafe artistes, in other words, they have really good live band there.

These guys CAN sing...

One thing I don't like bout that place is their menu is FULL with Mandarin words and I couldn't really understand it. Oh, did I mention I know only SOME of them? =)
And those waitress actually struggled to translate them into English. But, at least they put in commendable efforts to do it. So, 10/10 for service point!

It was soooooo crowded there that the three of us actually waited for almost 2 hours to get a table upstairs where the live band was. There goes our money for second round of drinks.

One of the weird-named drinks I tried. Very nice combination of color.

And again, we faced problem with Mandarin words. The song dedication paper was actually in Mandarin. What the heck! Wanna bully people like me is it?!

Well, I liked the place and gonna bring my mum there someday... =) Bringing my mum there is DEFINITELY the smartest thing I will do coz she knows Mandarin!!!

Ex MGS Students!!!

Few days back when I was browsing Friendster's Bulletin Board, something really caught my eye. Someone post one bulletin with "ex mgs students!!!!!!" as a subject. So, being part of MGS students, I guess I should really read it and there:

I know some of you would've gotten to know of this news.
Remember Puan Roselina,our Pendidikan Moral teacher?
Yea. Her husband passed away last Tuesday, 12th of September,
due to myocardial infarction, or also known as heartattack.

Dang...! This is really cruel. I remember she got married like 5 years ago. I felt really really terrible to know bout this....

Puan Roselina has always been a responsible class teacher, a good Math teacher and of course a supportive Choir teacher back in Secondary School.

I remember once we had this huge spotcheck. I was told by my friends that my pill case was confiscated. They believe it was birth control pill that I was taking all the while instead of Vitamin pill. *Bullshit!* My life was in total chaos right after that. It wasnt ok until my mum came to school for Report Card Day and explained everything to my teacher. I remember her saying,"Pooi Ting BUDAK BAIK. Saya pun tak percaya dia akan buat begitu".
. *wink*

I was so thankful that she actually trust me. Unlike those teachers in Prefects' Board. I mean, I was a prefect and I was expecting some trust from them. I felt stupid for thinking that way now.

I had always have her support in Choir Club. Whenever I have to make important decisions, she'll always say,"Buat apa yang awak rasa betul". I remember we had this political problem in Choir Club. Majority said that they wanna change committee. It was kinda embarassing because I was the President and I thought it was me they wanna eliminate from the committee. Thank god it wasn't me. From then, she helped a lot in terms of moral support *hey, she supported us to have choir practice during school hour* =)

She is, no doubt, one of a good teacher in my school Well, at least for me....

*Deepest condolences to Puan Roselina and family*

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mission Accomplished!!!

After having one whole Things-I-Want list for about 2 weeks, saved in my phone, I finally got them. Well, not all but most of it.

One of the most interesting product I grabbed today was the ReNu MultiPlus solution by Bausch & Lomb for only RM19.88 with free pouch and 2 contact lense cases. Wayyy too cheap for B&L's product. I was thinking, it must be due to the news regarding to contact lens wearers contracted fungal eye infection. In spite of the incident which happened on May 2006, Im still using it. Not loving myself? Neh, I just wanna give B&L another chance. =)

Didn't get to grab much in Bodyshop. Bought only the Olive Oil Glossing Shampoo and the conditioner which I have been using it since 2 months back and Im still loving it... =)
Their latest make up range is totally fabulous!! The next time when I've to pamper myself, I shall consider of indulging in them. Perhaps I should start to invest on them. *Told you, I have Bodyshop fetishism*

Once I enter Bodyshop, it's really hard for me to get out of there. REALLY...!!!

P/S: Can't wait for the next I-Need-To-Pamper-Myself-Moment....!!

I heart bodyshop

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